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this is not a picure of me.

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don't ban me

March 18th, 2007

11:16 pm - fairytales can come true, it can happen to you!
i'm having a really hard time finishing these dang paintings! i have limited time and limited patience to do ANYTHING long term, really. and i'm running out of biodegradable paint thinner. that crap is espensive! 6 oz. for five bucks! rediculousness!!

i found these great tasting waffles in my parents fridge: brown sugar and cinnamon eggo waffles! so delicious.

as a tribute to my last month in the united states i've decided to spend every weekend in places that i love. on the regimen===placito olvera, MOCA, ports 'o call, downtown public library, westwood village, redondo beach pier, hermosa beach salsa clubs and disneyland. i need all the LA loving i can get before i'm gone! and what a sad day that will be for me...
i mean, come on! i'm gonna miss my brother's graduation, his prom nite, the birth of my best friend's first baby, melina and david's wedding, my cousin going off to college in alabama, and a whole bunch of stuff that i don't even want to think about right now. it makes me too sad.
Current Mood: crushedno fairy talses for me...

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March 8th, 2007

07:17 pm - put 'em up!
so i think i figured out what i'm allergic to: hot weather. i don't sleep, i don't eat, and i definitely can't go fifteen minutes without sneezing. sneezing feels good, but with the watery eyes and the itchy nose, sneezee me no likee!

i recently dropped too much money on previously viewed movies from blockbuster. all hail the 4 for $20 sale! i prounced that motha like a rabbit in heat. among my highly satisfactory victory splurges: nacho libre, da vinci code, john tucker must die (i couldn't resist!) and krippendorf's tribe (yeah...remember that one?) then i bought a tribute to celia cruz for $3.99; "azucar..." appropriately named. there were a couple other ones i wanted to get but i passed because i know they're gonna be there next time i check out the tables. yey for me!

no work tomorrow! i get to sleep in!

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February 19th, 2007

05:09 pm - where did MY angel go?
i can't believe it! two whole days of dancing...that I WASN'T A PART OF! freakin whomp fest. i mean, i would say that i was happy to be in san diego instead of LA for once, but no, i wasn't. guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.

today was chill. and i didn't do anything that i wanted to do. i did eat some ice cream. (which was very satisfying. but i still didn't want to do it.)

a little bit of R&R planned out for tomorrow to catch up on the comfortable sleep i didn't get this weekend. i swear, boys cause so much trouble. why couldn't i be a boy...? to wreak havoc on all lady-dom! then their lady friends could run to their rescue and waste their weekends sippin on filtered water, having scrapbook/photo bonfires and sitting in hot-tubs in the rain. and is it just me or does "jacuzzi" sound really trashy? whatever. i'm gonna go buy some of brittany's hair on e-bay.
Current Mood: crazyneed to get DOWN

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February 18th, 2007

12:12 am - f you. or me. whatever blows your skirt up.
List 10 songs that begin with the letter given to you and explain why you picked them. I shall give you a letter, if you comment and request one.

1.Fake plastic trees-radiohead
i get to hear this song often. moslty on ryan johnsons guitar. he loves him some radiohead.

2.Fight for your right (to party)-beastie boys
the boys is beastie, so is this song...it's the ultimate white girl ballad sung best (and danced) by my favoritest white girl ever: ashley, like,stark!

3.Faith-george michael
i think a part of me died when he came out of the closet. this song started my obsession with black music. (it was the back up...gospel singin peoples gits me all filled wit da holy spir't! oh lordy lordy!)

4.Fallen- sarah mclaughlin
sometimes i wonder if she cries when she sings. this song works me up emotionally when i need a good cry.

5.Free to decide-the cranberries
come on, it's the cranberries!

6.From a distance-bette midler
i just don't know. this reminds me of 5th grade. and rain.

7.From a dancer-keali'i reichel
when i dance hula, this song inspires me to dance my best.

8.Footloose-kenny loggins
kevin bacon gives me pure happiness. and he drives me crazy with those random dance solos. he can kick off my sunday shoes any day.

9.Fields of gold-sting
as a youngster, everytime i heard this song on the radio i would dedicate it to my first crush...Michael Llamas. here's to el salvadorians!

i especially liked jamie cullum's cover of this song. frontin' gets me all flirty-licious. and i love the almost falsetto he's got goin' on.
Current Mood: cheerfuleffen great

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February 13th, 2007

01:26 pm - you're my good luck charm.
if we were in a latin american country, today would be the equivalent of friday the thirteenth. no lie.

okay, so this whole week, i've been watching movies like every night to put me to sleep. and i wouldn't necessarily say that's bad, but it's getting to the point where i will watch the movie, fall asleep and then wake up to finish it from the exact point i last remember seeing before skipping off to candyland! it's like, i never even closed my eyes! i creep myself out.

today i gots my pass-a-port papers sent. the passport lady was really nice. (i made sure i didn't get the asian lady. she flips my lid, that one...i gave her a snooty look when she wasn't looking.) a hundred twenty seven bucks just for the darn thing! plus twenty eight for express mail stamps (that were really pretty by the way) and thirty to expedite it. ( i like that word...expedite...expedite...) so with the plus plus, that makes 285 buckaroonies! if that's not a magic number i dunno what is. three weeks then on to finish the dang visa. oh the excitement. all i know is that my check book is mighty mighty happy. it gets visited by it's favorite friend, mr. pen....rendezvous in my purse!

my pimp name is master fly J. dizzle. playah 'preciate! WAT WAT!
(mindy=i got "magic tickle bird shizzle" for you! haha! bird shizzle! now that was entertaining.)
Current Mood: sickgangstagangsta

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